Selling Fees

For Buyers

  • No charges for buyers
  • Free Want Ads
  • Free to search and browse items for sale

For Sellers

  • Free store
  • No listing fees*
  • Free gallery slide show
  • All listing photos are FREE
  • You don't pay unless your item sells!

Up to $4.99                             $0.99

$5.00 to $9.99                         $1.40

$10.00 to $24.99                     $2.30

$25.00-$99.99                        10% of the final sale price

$100.00-$1499.99                   8.00% of the final sale price

$1500.00 and over                   7.5% of the final sale price


Premium Listing Service Fees

Promote your items and store with our premium listing service. All listing enhancements last 30 days.

ServiceCost Featured: Your item listing will be highlighted in orange and Displayed first on search result $19.95

Highlited : Your item listing will be outlined in green on search results. $5.00

Boldfaced: Your item listing title will be bold on search results. $5.00

Account Balance Invoices,

Payments and Credits Invoices

You will receive an account invoice if your account balance is over $5.00. Monthly account invoices are sent once a month on the calendar day that your account was opened. (For example, if your account was opened on March 9th, you will be billed on the 9th every month after).


After receiving your invoice, you have 7 days to pay the account balance.

Non-Paying Buyer (NPB) Credit

If you didn't receive payment from a buyer, file a Non-Paying Buyer (NPB) rating to get the final value fees automatically credited back to your account. A transaction is eligible for a NPB if:

  1. The buyer has not paid for the item
  2. It is between 7 - 45 days after the completed transaction date
  3. You sent 2 invoices to the buyer

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