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  1. A customer visits and places an order
  2. The customer pays the seller directly via PayPal , or Credit/Debit Card .
  3. Platzo tells the seller about the sale
  4. The seller confirms the payment with PayPal or Credit cards
  5. The seller ships directly to the buyer via USPS, UPS, FedEx, or another qualified carrier

Who do I pay when I make a purchase on Platzo?

You pay the seller directly via our shopping cart - PayPal or Credit Card.

The seller is an individual/business that is not associated with Platzo.

And what about shipping?

The seller ships directly to you via USPS, UPS, FedEx, or another qualified carrier. Platzo does not keep any inventory, nor do we facilitate the shipping of items.

Platzo is not involved in the actual transaction of money and goods between buyers and sellers, and does not transfer legal ownership of items from the sellers to buyers. As a result, Platzo has no control over the items advertised, or the ability of sellers to sell items, or the ability of buyers to pay for items.

Many times you can view the shipping method directly in the listing of the item they purchased. Otherwise contact the seller via email for this information if they have not already added tracking information to the order.

What do I do if I have a problem with my transaction?


1 - Contact the seller

If your item hasn't arrived or isn't as described, first try to contact the seller. Just go to your "Account > Recent purchases" page and locate the transaction. Use the "Send them a message" link under the seller's username to contact the seller and attempt to resolve the issue. Using this contact method will automatically have your order number referenced.

Most sellers are happy to resolve any issues you may have, so give them a chance to make it right for you.

Please note that payment disputes are time sensitive (For current deadlines please contact the payment processor, PayPal, Credit cards, directly. Failure to do so could result in your claim being rejected).

2 - Report the seller to Platzo

The "There was a problem with my order" link to open a dispute will appear at the bottom of the order summary 14 days after your order date, or the day after the estimated delivery date, whichever is sooner.  Cases for items that arrive significantly not as described can be opened as soon as you receive the shipment.

Should an issue arise during the course of a transaction, Platzo encourages buyer and seller to work out a resolution that is satisfactory to both parties. Platzo is invested in making sure that we remove any sellers from our marketplace who are not performing up to your and our expectations. Thank you in advance for bringing such sellers to our attention so we can make Platzo better for all.

3 - File a dispute with the payment processor

In order to get your money back, you will have to file a dispute with whichever processor was used to pay for your purchase.

Platzo offers PayPal and Credit cards as payment processors - both of which offer buyer protection programs.


At, we aim to empower Buyers & Sellers to find qualified merchants and customers. as the largest marketplace, is a powerful tool much like ebay and amazon, which allows you to sell practically any Products . Our primary objective, outlined below, is to provide an enjoyable and advantageous experience for all members and by doing so we intend to make the online world a better place.


Our Mission

Simply put, we have successfully provided a simple, yet sophisticated platform to bring the best online marketplace experience to our members where they can easily and securely present and purchase all kinds of under one protected web site.

Our Strategies

Variety & Selection
We bring a vast selection of products through our qualified sellers. Whatever you are looking for, chances are you can find it here. Give it search!  we have provided a vast variety of products through our qualified sellers.

Sale & Purchase Protection |
Our secure website provide all buyers and sellers with optimum online shopping security. We understand the sensitivity of financial information and have used the best online security tools to ensure transaction safety and safekeeping of records.

Support & Service
Our relationship with you won’t end post sale! We stick to our members and make sure to answer any questions or concerns they may have regarding their purchase or sale. Additionally, if necessary, our dispute department will actively work with members on both sides to ensure a fair resolution is obtained.

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